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Sharonkay Hughes serves as Assistant Vice President and National Commercial Title Officer for Fidelity National Title’s Philadelphia National Commercial Services (NCS) operation. Sharon joined the Fidelity National Title team in 2005 after many years in residential title and quickly realized how much more exhilarating commercial title is. She was instantly hooked and has since enjoyed handling multi-states/multi-site transactions. Learning all of the laws, rules and unique aspects of every state keeps Sharon loving what she does. A self-described adrenaline nut, she loves the excitement of closing a large multi-site transaction. Though she hasn’t closed a billion dollar transaction yet, Sharon looks forward to doing so very soon. She closes everything from hotels to medical facilities to chain pharmacies, and everything in between.

My favorite expression is ‘It’s a piece of cake.’ I think if you approach everything that way, you have already conquered it.

Sharon attended Rowan University as an accounting major. She is a licensed real estate agent who currently serves on the New Jersey Board of Realtors. Additionally, Sharon is a Notary Public of New Jersey and Pennsylvania and is a member of the National Notary Association. She is a Title Producer in both New Jersey and Pennsylvania. For many years, Sharon served as a New Jersey licensed mortgage banker, manager in the mortgage industry and as a New Jersey apprentice real estate appraiser.

Sharon is active in neighborhood safety and is a proud member of Neighborhood Watch. She also serves as a crew member in the Deptford Township Police Department Hot Air Balloon “First and Finest,” the only law enforcement hot air balloon in the country. Sharon is an active supporter of pet rescues, “Puppies and More” and recently rescued a teacup Yorkie named “Cricket” who is named after her favorite Disney character, Jiminy Cricket. An avid walker, Sharon logs in at least 20 miles per week.